Pandemonium (Delirium)

Pandemonium  - Lauren Oliver i liked the first book. This one got a little confusing two stories , the now and then both on Lena's perspective. Not much love for her new found guy. I'm team Alex all the way. In this story the roles have just been reversed for the love story part, before Alex was telling her about everything that was kept from her and now she's teaching some other dude. i knew Alex would come back eventually but now I kinda wish he just died and then this sick new guy died too so Lena could just be on her own, love other people and not feel like she can't function without a man to cuddle with at night. Just sucks how she can 'love' Alex and a little over 6 months after he 'died' she's sacrificing her new life and safety for this guy who may have only been interested in her cause she was something unique and her knowledge and presence is refreshing to him. That's all i'm saying.