In the Middle of Nowhere

In the Middle of Nowhere - Julie Ann Knudsen Better than any Nicholas Sparks book i've read. Actually from the cover of this book I kinda assumed that it was some mysterious and weird fantasy romance novel. Since i've been reading a lot of those lately. The story is pretty simple and real. Nothing too pretentious. It's a story about loss, a new beginning, family and love. So basically Willow lost her father and because of financial limitations they had to move in the middle of nowhere and start their new and permanent life there. it wasn't great at first, everyone had to adjust with the smaller house and the simpler life. Sooo anyway,.I cried at the end. First because i thought Michael died because of the last poem she read and then at the church i was surprised that Michael was there so i continued to cry happy tears this time. I liked how Willow's character reflected the emotions of a girl who is grieving, a normal teenager who sometimes loses her way, and a mature young lady who at the end of the day, will sure make the right decisions. I loved Michael Cooper's character. Mysterious, sweet and somehow, his character helps Willow get back down to earth. His presence in the story seems to be Willow's wake up call whenever she does something wrong like the reckless moments with Tessa, Connor and Rocky. I also liked how even though Willow was relatively new and had a few friends, she stood up for Tessa when she was being unfairly judged by her original set of friends. I loved the poems, short, sweet and true. Really great read. No complaints.