101 - Margaret Chatwin 5 stars for this book. Well written and the story of Ren and Trigg is something that is happening around us. The abuse and the injustice was really heartbreaking and it is really unfortunate to think that things like these don't just happen in stories although obviously the part about the town 101 is on an extreme angle. At first the antagonists were clearly the father and the NAO and some readers would expect that Trigg and the other inmates would go against them instead but the role of the antagonist slowly shifted into the fellow inmate and big bully in the town, Ace. This may be associated into a real life situation of criminals in jail. There will always be a "leader" or a bully that would put people in their place, mostly a position far more inferior to what they have. I loved how the importance of family was present, the short lived romance of bobby joe and trigg, and the friendship and teamwork that gave rise to their freedom made me think of real people and their tragic stories.. It made me feel very thankful that I do not have to deal with such issues myself and it made me wish that someday no one would have to be in that kind of position. Well done.Oh and congrats to the author. For a short read, this book is better than the longer novels i've read and way better than any of the equally short novels i've read recently.