Fire with Fire (Demonblood Series #2)

Fire with Fire - Penelope King I just finished this book a couple of minutes ago and wow there were just too many emotions in one book. Really AMAZING. And it's not that icky vampire-loving sweetness either. Fire with fire was really moving and it was perfectly executed by the Author Penelope King. I am now a huge fan of her and I really wish that I can get my hands on the third book as well , but I feel fortunate enough to read book 1 and 2 and would not hesitate to spend on a complete set of this series. I just love how this story was running in a moderate pace and it was not confusing at all. the events make you think and it made me try to predict what was going to happen next but honestly I had a hard time getting it right because there was always a twist to it. I sorta had a love/hate relationship with Kieron's character and would really prefer it if Bones and Lucky ended up together instead even if Kieron had to be the bad guy or die or something. It would also be nice to pair Corinne with someone too so she's part of the story too and not just the human sidekick who gets abused and tags along with Kieron and Liora to Los Angeles. I also loved that for once, i've read a book that the Demons were the "good guys" than having Angels or good vampires or hunky sweet werewolves as the protagonists. My new favorite series. 5++++++ stars :)P.sThank you Read & Reap for the copies! :)