Believe (New England Immortals #1)

Believe - E.L. Manning I received this as a free ebook for Read and Reap. The first few chapters were a little "painful" to read. Andrea, the main character was too happy, like a happy 9 yr. old kid who falls inlove with a supernatural hot guy. It was a fairly easy read, the plot in its totality is pretty unique but my beef with this is that the plot feels like a mixtape. Twilight, myths and other familiar stories came to mind while I was reading so some parts were predictable. Andrea in this story translated to an upgraded Bella Swan. Normal girl turned vampire's girlfriend turned clueless crusnik princess who attracts different types of immortals to an unbeatable royalty with a ridiculously diverse family and new allies. There were way too many connections that bothered me but I guess it added the element of surprise in the story. The major rant I have with this book are all on the technical side, the grammar, the irregular font, the spelling, those things drove me crazy especially when I was already into the story. Since I believe that there will be a second book to this, I can ignore the "it-feels-lacking" vibe at the end of the chapter. Good job for the author though because she still made her work a little distinct compared to other authors. 2 stars.Better plot than twilight but needs to be modified.