Love Virtually by Daniel Glattauer

Love Virtually - Daniel Glattauer

Just one of those tragic love stories. The author did an excellent job in constructing a "love" story in a series of e-mails. Irritated by Emmi the female protagonist.-Happily but unhappily married..looking for an escape from the seemingly perfect family life, using her friend as a tool and using Leo to construct an alternative world where she's free to fall inlove and do whatever it is that she can't do and be in real life because of her said "commitment." I loved Leo's character. Someone who at first was also looking for an escape from constant reminders of a brokenheart but slowly turns into someone who is hopeful but is sure that in the end there really isn't anything to hope for. They were holding on to something intangible. They've invested into a dream. They both fall inlove in a way that they aren't supposed to and the end was just the ultimate cut-off, the sad but appropriate ending to the story. It was about letting go of a chance that wasn't really theirs to take in the first place. I'm thinking of what happens after her realization at the end - to her family especially her husband (will everything go up in flames after all?) and will she just stop hoping and having those feelings as abrupt as it had been for Leo or will she try to reconnect or find him, like those sappy sappy movie endings? I'll never know. A great and realistic story.5 stars.