Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

Crazy. They deserve each other. Never have I read a book about a couple choosing a tragic path just because they don't know what they'd be without each other. At first I really hated the husband, being the uncaring ass he is, but everyone is right -the second half of the book is mindblowing. Not sure if Nick can be blamed for all this, cause the wife's really nuts even before they met. I guess it just went from bad to worse cause of the toxic relationship for 5 years. This reminds me of Sweeney Todd: demon barber of fleet street. The sad story of Benjamin Barker how he just wanted to have a happy family and he was wronged and thrown in prison for years, then he found an equally insane woman who in the end makes human pies yadda yadda . They also deserve each other sadly they both died in the end which isn't a bad alternative ending for gone girl.... Like a vengeful person comes in and murders them both, so they can stop living in denial and the baby won't have to live with insane parents. Just saying.