The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

I honestly don't know how i should rate this book. Let me start by saying that it is a great book, nothing too chiclit sounding, no "fifty shades" awkward or "twilight " love triangles involved. It was more of a book about a girl who was traumatized, have no memory of the events that had occured..tried to go back to her normal life..finding out that what was happening to her was far from normal then realizing that she was responsible for the recent deaths of the people around her.. she loses her mind, said farewell to Noah and her family and tried to turn herself in only to discover that she may not have been responsible for everything and that her problem was that her ex boyfriend -who was supposed to be dead if she was really some psycho, was still alive.


So yeah some spoiler there. I don't fully believe that she didn't do anything, because some of the deaths couldn't have been done by Jude or some other person and the ouija board part about the cause of her friend's death.. So i kinda think that it could've been both. She thinks about harm on someone she dislike and then they get hurt out of that thought..magically.. Or it could've been Jude. He might have followed her around, heard some things, or had a strange connection with her too like Noah and then executed the thought as a personally revenge so Mara would go bonkers.


Obviously this story can take on a lot of different paths. I feel Iike the author has a very complex mind and I liked that which is why i'm so excited for book two. I'm just not sure if it's already out. I got excited, i got confused, i laughed and i panicked while reading this book. I liked the idea that Noah is a healer and that little fact kind of balances her and their romance episodes in the book. Beautifully written, unique and truly worth reading. This would make a great movie.