Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell HEARTBREAKING. HAPPILY NEVER AFTER.Eleanor I hate you. I feel sorry for you for having that kind of life, for the bullying and everything else but I hate you for leaving him hanging like that. Park was your escape goat and the title should be more like Eleanor's miserable life or something because although Park had a bit of a story in it, he was really just a supporting character in this. I'm not even sure if I should give this a 4 or 5 star rating since I didn't love what happened at the end but since I read this in half a day without forcing myself to go through the chapters is definitely saying something. I love Park's role in her life and how he seem to truly love her, what with everything that's been happening and how she looks and acts around him and everybody. I hate how Eleanor never said ' I love you' because she's too scared or maybe because she doesn't really feel thatway and thinks of Park as some mobile coping mechanism (which is possible - with the way she thinks and how she handles things throughout the story...kinda feel like she's just confused and overwhelmed).I liked the little twist.. The "Richie things you're a fucking cunt" part but won't say much in case anyone ever looks at this post for book reference. I also wanted to know what happened to Richie and the rest of her family which seem to have been forgotten at the end so yeah Eleanor monopolizing the whole thing. I have too many thoughts on this. I'm rambling. This is rubbish..but I have to let it out ;)4.5 stars.