Here Lies Death

Here Lies Death - Harlan Vaughn YOLO? IDTS.(I received this book in exchange for an honest review). But seriously, i'm giving this 5 stars. I loved the whole concept of the book, something I have never encountered before. People like you and me, always trying to go YOLO (you only live once) on everything, life's too short yadda yadda, suddenly had the opportunity to live forever. To not age , to be rid of diseases and to experience death but not really, since they regenerate minutes later. So they become barbaric and totally addicted to death, suicide clubs , meeting up to hit each other with a sledgehammer , cutting bodies like cutting steak at a fancy dinner and have sex after like it's the most normal thing in the world. And as a reader, even i grew tired of the perfection and the limitless possibilities of their lives. There's no end point, there's no goal. Only restlessness and more libido. People get into accidents and just walk away happier for just the small thrill of semi-dying. The government took control of the only solution, hinted by the big black cloud, and just organized a worldwide let-us-all-die-and-be-merry-a-day-after-christmas and surprisingly 99% of the world's population are eating up the chance to die. I'll just stop there i might've given too much away but i just want to say that I really enjoyed the book. A simple read, very fast, but very entertaining. I wish more authors could produce something like this as a contrast to the dystopian, suicidal and post-apocalyptic themed books that is pouring out of publishing houses and into the bookstores which sometimes makes it hard for me to look for a different read other than those themes mentioned above and some paranormal and romance ones. So yes.. Great job. Totally inspired. 5 stars.