Fabled Enigma: Stealth series part one

Fabled Enigma - G L Briggs Okay. Sorry for the uber late review.this was actually written a week ago but it was hidden under a pile of god knows what.I have received this book in exchange for an honest review.Anyway this was a really good book. I loved how there are a lot of points, different edges to the story,the makes it interesting to read on. It isn't just one single plot, every character seems to have a background story that connects at one point to the next so it was not confusing, no part was astray or anything.I was not scared or grossed out, it was a tale of an unbeliever who was forced to do things or to somehow change his views on things. I could easily relate to it , the setting was brilliant and i just love Elena :)The one thing that i was a bit of a con for me is that its not that gripping. It is a good book but it's not the kind that sticks to me so i think i have re-read this and add on the details that i wanted to include but couldn't remember. Spoilers to follow ;)In conclusion... Just read it. It will be a great halloween read :) it's relatively short so it's not a burden if you have say 5 books lined up already :)