Revamp - Beck Sherman This book is a big WTF. In a good way. It's not your typical sparkling gorgeous, the world-is-perfect-with-a-bloodsucker-in-tow novel. This isn't the kind of novel that would make you wish that you were bitten , to be supplied by processed blood from the "human" farms. The book was more on humanity, ot was more on the survivors that were united in a way.the author Beck Sherman did an excellent job of carefully bringing up each character, with it's own unique back story that makes you say "oh that's why" ever so often. Loved the ending won't spoil it for this review but all I can say although it is a LONG novel that I literally had to make the font size of my ibooks app mega small just to reassure myself that I was making progress with this, it was definitely worth reading and I highly recommend it for those who are fed up with cheesy vamp novels and just want a refreshing -not so chill read every now and then. It was an excellent situational read for me, and it made me relate to some of the characters in the book like Emma and over all there wasn't anything negative about this novel in terms of the plot and it's construction just wish that it were a little short than it is now cause I kinda have issues with lengthy novels.