The Sounding

The Sounding - Carrie Salo Took me a really really long time before I finished this book. (Sorry Ms.Carrie) thank you for sending me a copy of this book to review even if i'm on the other side of the world :) this review will be written with complete honesty so, good or bad,know that how i got a copy does not in any way influence my opinions on the story itself. Anyway...Let me start by saying that this is not a book for a light easy breezy reader. This is packed with so much information to it. It might be a little difficult for some people to read, Admittedly, even I had trouble getting into it at the beginning but I found that the key here really is to read the story continously, don't do anything else, don't let yourself get distracted by some other things or whatever because once you do, you might find yourself lost while reading the rest of the chapters. the events were very detailed , heavy on biblical references and prophecies which is unique but I don't think that the reader would have any problem reading this book if he/she have not read the book of revelations from the bible. (because i haven't but i understood and I liked the story)The story was well executed , the characters were very much alive, there weren't some characters that felt distant to the story and to the point the author is trying to make and it makes you wonder, i loved the mystery and the quest, over allit was a great book. I was just a bit overwhelmed by the number of pages in the bookand how small the writing was that I got scared of reading, cause I felt like it had a bit of a complicated textbook feel which turned out to be complete paranoia on my end.4 stars :)