Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet - Jamie Ford The darkened corner is probably one of the shortest reads i've ever had but fortunately he did not sacrifice the quality of the story unlike some authors who lowers the quality of their work, the story is shorter and the whole thing just suffers. So basically our protagonist has issues about himself, a pretty low self-esteem, he is not strikingly manly and beautiful, pretty average but is not really a hopeless case. It is a long journey of obsessing over Katie Rose who is basically your standard goddess/leading lady/most wanted female lead. She's the type of girl who always has her feet on the ground, is never overwhelmed by the attention she's getting and shows how she really feels on things, like when she found out that he wrote poems about her, she approached him and basically made the first move but it didn't really push through and ended as expected. Seriously lacking balls there. The protagonist is filled with his own sadness, the shoulda woulda coulda on a higher and more depressing state. A different view on life. No hearts and flowers and did not really aim to please and uplift spirits, a wonderful change.Excellently written.