Don't Call Me Angel

Don't Call Me Angel - Alicia Wright Brewster A short read. i just got this via email for R&R this morning and I'm already done. Quite refreshing to read something shorter than what I usually go for.The story is pretty simple. 2 "fugitives" from hell explored earth, they wanted freedom and a new environment..Alden wanted to have fun, by killing humans and destroying their souls and Six tries to find a way to stop him.. So basically that's it. I couldn't really expect much of a plot considering that the whole thing is only about 120 pages. I just felt like there really wasn't much of a story. I would even go further by saying that there's no story in it. It was more of an introduction to what might happen on book two. I did appreciate the illustrations. I think that this would be a good start for a full-blown graphic novel but not as a typical "meaty" novel that I was hoping to get.