Children of the Devil (Demon Rapture Series)

Children of the Devil (Demon Rapture Series) - Jack Worth The writing was excellent, there were some parts that i loved, some parts that were okay and some were a little confusing (the first few chapters). This book brought a new twist to the idea of the Rapture in the bible... a refreshing interpretation of the scriptures.. it was just an interesting story. The title sounds a little scary for some (like my mom and some friends) but once you get to the juicy parts of the story, you will find that the book does breathe hope to faith and the future of Christianity it was just masked by the tragic events in the lives of the protagonists. I don't usually go for these type of plots but I guess a good balance of what I like and what I don't like in a book were present and this made me finish and admire this book. Thank you to Jack Worth for giving me the opportunity to read his book and congratulations.. you did good :)