Sleep Stalkers by Jackie O' Dierno

Finally finished this book. At first, it was not a page turner for me because on the first chapter I kinda got a little confused on who is telling the story because the author was trying to introduce the 3 main characters Deliverance, Luke and Dave. As I worked my way out of the first few chapters I just admired how the plot was excellently constructed, and suddenly got into the book that I just didn't want to put it down. Obviously I had to get on with my own life so I finished this book by reading a few chapters a day. The ending was unexpected but it was romantic in a twisted way. The author did a great job in inserting humor and romance into this disturbing dystopian world. It was evident that a lot of research went in to the story especially when Dee was trying to help the minions understand the situation at hand and the solution that she came up with. This book deserves more attention and maybe a movie too xD