The Kure by Jaye Frances

The Kure - Jaye Frances

Paranormal-occult romance. ---WOW. That's one word to describe this book. It was so hard to put down, the story was very intriguing, unique but not as dark or demonic as I expected when I first read the synopsis. My imagination was running wild as the story progresses. The images of Sarah or any girl for that matter, trying to fulfill the directions of the Kure was just disturbing. How the author Jaye Frances described the condition of John Tyler's condition was gruesome and it's insane how devotion could overlook such a heinous thing. I did expect the leeching to happen and it doesn't work so they follow the kure anyway, but it didn't happen.. It was fine though because something better happened and it certainly was more creative than what I had imagined.

This was a short read but the story was not compromised it didn't feel unfinished but there is a sense of mystery at the end that makes you want to get out of the house and track down the next book. I have no complaint for this book. The writing was excellent, the setting, the plot was amazing, the characters were beautifully constructed. Seriously, I did not expect myself to have this kind of reaction for this book. The next book to this is the Karetakers, a continuation of Sarah and John's story. 5 ++ stars.