Forward Slash by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards

Forward Slash - Louise Voss, Mark Edwards

Finally got into some reading after months and months of doing some random shit! i feel so good to be honest. Starting to feel like my olde self again. Anyway....


I got this book as an impulse buy at kinokuniya Singapore. I thought at first the premise at the back was sorta funny but it did feel like it had some interesting elements to it so i bought it.


The first few chapters was great, it had that blast of mystery to it, some very descriptive thoughts from the killer himself in one chapter and then the next would sound chill and have this usual everyday-this-is-what-happens-nothing-really-special-vibe, that created a good balance throughout the book. It was so hard to put down because literally in almost every chapter there is a cliff hanger from almost each characters perspective. If i had all my free time i would've finished this in two days with no sleep. Seriously it is that good. The way that the killer was constructed was brilliant it had a striking similarity to the infamous killer Ted Bundy only this one is more inclined to technology and all. I also liked the "true love" references such as the cannibal meiwes and that guy (brandy or what i think sorry i forgot) which also piqued my interest in researching about the cannibal cafe. (True story) . there was so many twist and turns throughout the book that i just didn't know what to expect and it made it hard to determine who the bad guy was. The ending though, that i feel is a bit short and liberating but sad. I won't give the ending away so for anyone who wpuld like to read this book you'd still have all the feelings and surprises I have had with this one. You'd feel angry,disgusted and sorry for the killer all at the same time. i mean, even the backstory of why he became like that was crazy. The mother gave him a shitload of traumatic experiences but he looked up to her nonetheless. It was ... It was... I'm gonna stop now before I give it all away.


This would make you think twice about online dating and just go out have orgies here and there just to feel free or to feel like you actually have a happy life. A lesson that must be reiterated through harsh mutilations and kidnappings. (Lol jk) but seriously guys be careful.



Just to summarize this is a story about psychopaths, family, hazards of online dating, false love and deceit.