Howl (Kane Wolves #1)

Howl  - Annalise Grey, Olena Vizerskaya

At first i thought that it was an "ok" book like it was just another werewolf meets a human and falls head over heels kinda thing, defies all odds yadda yadda. As the story progresses, I thought "this is pretty predictable, jaime is the human lover, daniel is the unwanted third party.. Very twilight saga" .. I almost wanted to look at the ending in advance just to prove that my theory on this book was right but luckily I stopped myself.. I continued reading, finally got to the end and realized that there was so much more twist to the story. I did not like the ending where the main character had this alpha realizations and is starting to avoid the human and is thinking of the possibility of mating with her own kind for a change..I couldn't tell for sure how the whole thing will play out since it got cut out in the end, not really the satisfying ending I was hoping for but that made me excited for a second book.I did feel sorry for Daniel and that there was some part of me that wanted her to choose the wolf just because it seemed simple and less tragic for her but based on what the human had endured , I would want her to have a happy ending with him too.. But i don't know we'll see. This was also the first time that I did not hate the female main character in a book. They usually get on my nerves, they get too sissy at times. I appreciate the author's writing, it was an easy read yet the plot is a bit more complex than the others that I have read.